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Magic The Gathering


Magic the Gathering also know as Magic is one of the most popular and oldest Trading Card Games(TCG). A huge community of wizards fight regularly in epic duels with spells and attacks of creatures. It's been more than 25 years since Richard Garfield had this incredible idea by creating this game in 1993.How has the game this game managed to stay strong all the time? In my opinion, various factors are at the origin of this longevity: the most obvious reason is of course it's level of strategy and the pleasure in finding complex combinations of cards. The dynamism of the community is what makes the game live all this time. There are a lot of forums and other sites dedicated to Magic. Similarly you can find bars or local stores in which regularly players meet regularly. Finally, there is obviously the publisher who has managed to constantly renew the game while maintaining a certain balance, which supports shops and tournament organizers and motivates players by organizing an attractive tournament system.


Magic the Gathering: carte


In short, l'Epée à 2 Nains could not miss this mythical game ... especially since our dwarves play at the first opportunity and stay uptodate of the latest releases. You will find Magic products for sale as well as the necessary accessories for any self-respecting player but that's not all in their store! It is also proposed:

- Every day, league matches of the latest set are played.

- Moments where players meet to spend some time together to play games and share a nice time.

- Several times a month special events (tournaments and other)!




Magic the Gathering: Planeswalkers